Do you feel you’ve lost yourself along the way? Dealing with “Baby Daddy” drama, unsolved family issues and the list goes on… you have the battle scars to prove it!
Deep down, you know there is something inside of you that must be released. Well, that something is PURPOSE. It’s time to get your life, 
the life you were created for… 
We are committed to help you do just that!
It starts with facing inner struggles; the pain from past experiences that’s fashioned to keep you captive to a mindset of fear, doubt, unforgiveness and negative self-talk like; I’m not good enough... things will never change. Instead, allow your past to elevate you and help you overcome as you gain strength and courage to move forward. It’s time to break free and position yourself for your best life, the life you were created to live!
Join us July 7, 2018, for our #SelfishMe, 
Get Your Life! 12-Week Course. 
This course will cover:
• You are worthy, and you
  are enough
• Inner Healing
• Forgiveness is for you
• Fear doesn't live here
• On a positive note
• Single Moms, Get Your Life
• Health and Wellness for 
  your mind and body
• Living your life like it's golden
• Success blueprint
• Venture out
• Affirmation
• Me time

After this course, you'll be rejuvenated, empowered, and ready to live unapologetically! Happy will take on a new meaning! Come on, 
join the #SelfishMe Movement!!!

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Don't waste any more time. Let your inner healing begin.
Get your life!
Take charge of your destiny by registering today!
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Save your seat, $25 down and $25 a week for 12 weeks. Or, one time payment of $275 (save $50).
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Meet Your Facilitator
As a self-confessed overachiever, I know firsthand what it's like to want it all--family, career and an active social life. I have always wanted to live a gratifying life, but I learned the hard way that it doesn't come easy. I started out in entertainment. I had an amazing time on movie sets, photo shoots, music videos, and the stage. I enjoyed making people feel, whether they laughed, cried, yelled, or sighed. I fell in love with a wonderful man. Life was good. Then suddenly, without warning, life changed for me. I found myself 3 months pregnant as a single mom. My priorities and goals have changed.

I went through a few highs and many, many lows. In all my ups and downs, trials and errors, and seeking help; I learned a great deal. As much as I adored my daughter, I could never love her the right way because I didn’t love me. I loathed myself for failing to have a fairytale family. It’s been a long ten year journey to finally figuring out how to love myself again, forgive myself and take care of myself so that I could be the best mom I could possibly be. I finally found the message in all of my mess.

Now, my mission is to make sure that no mother loses years by losing themselves. As a single mom/busy mom activist, I show other moms the pathway to happiness, spiritual fulfillment, and contentment so that they can live the lives they were created to live.

Tiffany Shepherd, M.Ed
Accountability Coach, Life Skills Instructor, Motivational Speaker